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It is my great pleasure to introduce FORINTEK holding to you. I would like to do that not only because I've been working for Forintek since its founding, meaning for more than 29 years, but because I personally take great joy in telling about a company where its employees are a group of real enthusiasts who professionally solve any problems in the field of marking, labeling and packaging.

Forintek was founded in 1990, on April 16th. At first it was an innovative engineering center whose main goal was promotion and introduction of the latest scientific and engineering technologies into the Russian market. Forintek was made under the patronage of the International Academy of Creative Endeavours. Over the years Forintek united perspective scientists, experienced engineers, and active managers into one. In the early 90's, many of the Forintek's scientific and engineering developments were realized in the medical and food industries, as well as in the logistics and transportation.

The stable and active position of Forintek was attractive to many foreign companies, which were looking for trusted partners in Russia. In 1993 Videojet Systems International, Inc. (USA) offered us a proposal to become a partner, and for more than 10 years we were their official exclusive distributor. In the outcome of introducing these ink jet technologies, which were new for Russia, over a 1000 of marking equipment of Videojet were installed. After the merging Videojet with Willet, FORINTEK holding was offered to partner up with the Japanese company Hitachi. From 2005, Forintek became an exclusive distributor of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (Japan) in Russia and near abroad. Currently we've installed over 1100 Hitachi industrial continuous ink jet printers.

I mentioned about the Videojet distribution because as of this moment lots of crucial changes occurred in Forintek. On top of scientific and engineering research, our workers now started promotion program of leading foreign technologies in Russia in the field of marking and packaging. It is also important to note that Forintek not only was a pioneer in the field of continuous ink jet technologies in Russia, but many of its activities were also concerned with the adaptation of thermal transfer marking technologies onto the Russian market.

Since 1998, Forintek is an official distributor of Avery Dennison (USA-Germany), which is a world leader in the field of labeling and thermal transfer printing. Currently we installed and serviced more than 3200 thermal transfer printers, applicators, labeling machines, and special labeling equipment (print & apply). All this modern German equipment stands out through its durability, which is based on quality assembly and high technology. The convenience in exploitation, the perfection in construction, usability and the newest design all came to be liked by many Russian companies. Thanks to these indisputable achievements, the equipment of Avery Dennison is now widely adopted by many of the leading Russian companies.

It is worth to note that specifically for each client order and for better integration of equipment onto ongoing manufacturing lines, all the additional updates and improvements are made by the Forintek's specialists themselves. First our professionals carefully study all aspects and only then prepare optimal technical solutions, which completely matches clients' problems. Therefore cooperation with us is easy and convenient. Forintek offers complex solutions to any questions on marking and packaging of differing products: from raising of a problem, and until realization of a project followed by further equipment service and regular supply of original consumables. For the convenience of our clients we opened a typography Forintek-Print where we print self-adhesive labels from different materials Fasson (Avery Dennison). All orders are accepted unconditionally: order one or a million labels.

At Forintek we take care to have comfortable relations with our partners. Despite the crisis years, and recognizing the need to expand, in 2008 we moved in Strogino, a prestigious north-western district of Moscow, in industrial park “Orbita”. Now our clients can get to us easier than ever before: near is a ring road and a fast highway, and we are 5 minutes walk from the metro station Strogino. For the convenience of servicing our clients all departments are now located on one territory, with offices and warehouses together in one building. If clients request, our employees are always willing to assemble and demonstrate labeling equipment of any complexity. No need in waiting for another specialized exhibition, instead schedule a time to come by. Our employees will readily demonstrate to you the equipment of your interest, and will further consult you on any questions in the comfort of our office. Forintek has always and still is operates by the policy of “open doors”, meaning we are ready to dialogue with all companies all the while being indifferent to their financial status. We take into account all forms of partnerships, including leasing ones with big companies. Among some of our clients are the leading Russian and foreign enterprises of food, pharmaceutical, alcohol, electronic, automobile and other industries.

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Currently Forintek holding is composed of 7 Russian companies and 3 companies near abroad. The composition of FORINTEK holding includes these companies: Forintek STC AI, CJSC (ZAO) (Moscow, Russia), Forintek-SP LLC (OOO) (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Forintek-UG LLC (OOO) (Krasnodar, Russia), Forintek-Volga LLC (OOO) (Samara, Russia), Forintek-Siberia LLC (OOO) (Novosibirsk, Russia), Forintek-Ural LLC (OOO) (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Forintek-Bel LLC (OOO) (Minsk, Belarus), Forintek-Baltija SIA (Riga, Latvia), Forintek-Ukraine LLC (OOO) (Kiev, Ukraine). The central office of Forintek holding is in Moscow. The main company of the international holding is Forintek. In order to get even closer to our clients and to evolve our long-term partnership, we're planning to open more offices in the near future.

As the business grows and manufacturing tasks get more complex, clients are becoming more demanding in the choices of their business partners. That's why Forintek mobilizes all its resources in order to comply with time demands. Ahead are many interesting projects, and many foreign companies are offering us their partnership. Forintek not only can answer questions regarding marking and packaging of products but knows what to offer to clients on innovative level. Currently Forintek holding is exclusive distributor of many leading world companies including Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. (Japan), Novexx Solutions GmbH (Germany), Avery Dennison Corporation (USA-Germany), Allen Coding GmbH (UK), Weber Marking Systems GmbH (Germany), MACSA ID, S.A. (Spain), ANSER Coding Inc. (Taiwan), COUTH (Spain), Epson (Japan), Tommy Nielsen (Denmark) and others.

AtFORINTEK holding we are not only concerned with our business and our clients, but also with our employees. Our group some of whom are Ph D's. is composed exclusively of graduates from the most prestigious universities in Russia. Forintek's workers are highly educated and intellectual specialists ready to solve problems of any complexity. Some of them remained with the company for over 20 years and became real professionals in the field of marking and packaging. The years of collaborative hard work and skilled management united our team, turning it into a like-minded group which shares a common goal to improve the image of our brand. Despite hard economical times in Russia during the crisis years of 1991, 1998, and 2008, we hadn't laid off a single of our employees and weren’t late on single payments once. We take good care of our employees indeed. At FORINTEK holding we are not only making sure to make our place as comfortable for our employees to work in as possible and offer them wide social packages, but we also make sure that they evolve on the professional and educational levels as well. At Forintek we offer them trainings, probation periods abroad, and foreign language study all at no charge.

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Of course time changes things. After our employees professionally develop and after some life changing events, some of them leave our company. For many other of our employees FORINTEK holding became a real school which gave them a life voucher. That is why they don't stop their loyalty to the company even after leaving it. Some of them return back, where they are pleasantly taken back and never reproached for their temporary leave. Many interesting and various events happen at FORINTEK holding. While working for the company many of our employees successfully combine their productive work with their active life position: many as if within the walls of our office have started happy families, some received additional education and training, and our long-living employees don't retire even at the age of 70. We are one proud family. I would like to also point out that in Russia there are many talented and trustworthy people, whom FORINTEK holding would gladly add to our team. And with a team like ours anything is possible.

In the end I would like to say a few words about our general director, Alexander Shelepen, who successfully runs Forintek holding for over 29 years. He graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute with a Ph.D. He is a vice-president of the International Academy of Creative Endevours and the president of AIM Russia (an association of manufacturers and sellers of identification equipment). He is an experienced global top manager, greatly known in the manufacturing industry, and he is still young and active today. With him it is easy to start building trusted business relations for both Russian and foreign companies alike. Under his management our employees work calmly and fruitfully. With him there is no fear of future business changes, always a certainty about tomorrow, and active broad prosperous developments. He confidently leads his team towards the pursuit of newer heights.
We offer to our customers stable and long-term partnerships, and we invite new clients to collaborative projects and to solving of any complex problems in the field of marking, labeling, and packaging.

Truly yours,
Executive Director of FORINTEK holding
Elena Shelepen

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