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Do you need quality and reliability in the marking and labeling of your products? Do you have to print a large quantity of information about your company such as its logo, products, barcodes and complex graphical illustrations? Or do you plan to improve the brand's image of your products so that they will stand out from the competition? In other words, do you have many unresolved problems and urgent needs in marking and labeling of your products?

Congratulations, you've come to the right place! Forintek-Print's website is exclusively devoted to answer all the questions regarding thermal transfer labeling, and specifically those concerning thermal transfer printing on any roll materials including self-adhesive and textile labels. Here you will find all the answers to your most topical issues. For instance, which label is the most durable? Which printing method of your self-adhesive labels is more optimal for your products – thermal transfer or direct thermal printing? Why is it more profitable to buy original ribbons and not fabricated ones? What printers are the most efficient for textile label printing?

The material found on this website will be useful to both food and non-food manufacturers alike, logistics workers, stock workers, university professors and students studying labeling, as well as to all specialists in the industry. Our website offers a wide selection of the best thermal transfer printers for quality printing on self-adhesive labels. Here you will find all the newest information about the best models of textile printers for production of textile labels, tags, and sewn-in tags. Much prominence is given by our website to the analysis of the market's demand and promotion of self-adhesive labels, which nowadays are not only identify your products, but take on the form of a business card of your company. With the help of this website, both small and medium sized business owners and corporation representatives can make the right choice in efficient marking and labeling methods and acquire high-tech thermal transfer equipment that is priced the best and valued the most.

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Why are we so certain of that? Well, forintek has specialized for 29 years in marking and labeling of various products. For all these years not only have we remained the exclusive distributor of the world leaders like Novexx Solutions and Avery Dennison engaging in regular supply and services of thermal transfer printers, label applicators, and labeling systems, but we've been printing various labels from top quality self-adhesive materials of Fasson, a division of Avery Dennison. There is a famous saying by Constantin Stanislavski "Each theater begins with a clothes hanger". Thus, the introduction of any product to the market begins with a label. First the buyer looks up the information on a label and a package and then and only then chooses the product accordingly. It's of great importance for your products to be seen with the most memorable and attractive labels, for your products will then be in most demand.
After becoming more familiar with Forintek-Print's website, you will discover through your partnership with us that even the most complex problems, and what seems to be at first unintelligible ideas can be easily resolved with Forintek's professionals. All you have to do is to formulate a problem and let us come up with its solution.

Having being successfully working in the industry for 29 years, we know how important time, comfort and partnerships are to your business. That's why we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to problem solving of their labeling needs and seek to offer them a complete spectrum of our services. Our company supplies the best thermal transfer equipment for printing on self-adhesive materials, and textile printers for textile tags and labels. Our technical department always carries out the professional and guaranteed services for thermal transfer and textile printers. We offer only the original spare parts and consumables (textile labels, ribbons, print heads etc.) from our warehouse located in Moscow. For the convenience of our clients in order to completely shut off their never ending cycle of thermal transfer product labeling, we offer ourselves to print self-adhesive labels of all sorts, sizes and in any amount. Through our typography department you can place an order of a one or of several million self-adhesive labels of various materials. Your order will be ready with minimal time, economically priced and guaranteed to be of highest quality.

Forintek is always ready to offer you instead of boring routines bright technical findings and exclusive innovative solutions.

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